ALUM Workshop: Bringing together science and practice

The Alliance of Leading Universities on Migration (ALUM) meets on regular basis to discuss developments in migration. ALUM brings together scholars from renowned international universities. The network aims to connect scientific experts and provide relevant knowledge and insights to political and civil society actors with regard to the following themes:

1) Causes and processes of migration

2) National and transnational coping strategies for migration

3) Measures of successful integration

The Mannheim workshop 2016 draws on the research conducted over the past years and builds bridges to practitioners dealing with migration. Joint sessions with researchers and practitioners will facilitate this exchange. Researchers will present their findings with specific focus on practical recommendations in so called "policy briefs". Emphasis will further be on discussing and developing joint projects.

Professor Irena Kogan will be chairing the sessions "integrating migrants – what works? (or does it work at all?)" and "tackling migration outside Europe"; Professor Frank Kalter will contribute a talk on the structural, social, and cultural integration of immigrant children.

The workshop will take place at the University of Mannheim, November, 2nd - 4th; organizer: Professor Lilli Banholzer; for full programme please see link below.

(October 2016)