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Leszczensky, Lars (In Press): Young Immigrants' Host Country Identification and their Friendships with Natives: Does Relative Group Size Matter?. Social Science Research, (publ. online before print). mehr
Willumsen, David M., Christian Stecker und Klaus H. Goetz (In Press): The electoral connection in staggered parliaments: Evidence from Australia, France, Germany and Japan. European Journal of Political Research, (publ. online before print). mehr
Kretschmer, David (In Press): Explaining differences in gender role attitudes among migrant and native adolescents in Germany: intergenerational transmission, religiosity, and integration. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, (publ. online before print). mehr
Pink, Sebastian (In Press): Anticipated (Grand-)Parental Child Care Support and the Decision to Become a Parent. European Journal of Population. mehr
Kretschmer, David, Lars Leszczensky und Sebastian Pink (In Press): Selection and Influence Processes in Academic Achievement - More Pronounced for Girls?. Social Networks, (publ. online before print). mehr
Breznau, Nate (In Press): Simultaneous Feedback Models with Macro-Comparative Cross-Sectional Data. mda: methods, data, analyses, (published online before print). mehr
Kortmann, Matthias, und Christian Stecker (In Press): Party competition and immigration and integration policies: a comparative analysis. Comparative European Politics, (published online before print). mehr
Stark, Tobias, Henning Silber, Jon Krosnick, Annelies G. Blom, Midori Aoyagi, Ana Belchior, Michael Bosnjak, Sanne Clement, Anne Cornilleau, Anne-Sophie Cousteaux, Melvin John, Guðbjörg Jónsdóttir, Karen Lawson, Peter Lynn, Johan Martinsson, Ditte Shamshiri-Petersen, Endre Tvinnereim und Ruoh-rong Yu (In Press): Generalization of Classic Question Order Effects across Cultures. Sociological Methods and Research. mehr
Meuleman, Bart, Arnim Langer und Annelies G. Blom (In Press): Can Incentive Effects be Generalized to Non-Western Countries? Conditional and Unconditional Cash Incentives in a Web Survey of Ghanaian University Students. Social Science Computer Review, (publ. online before print). mehr
Schmitt-Beck, Rüdiger, Jan W. van Deth und Alexander Staudt (In Press): Die AfD nach der rechtspopulistischen Wende. Wählerunterstützung am Beispiel Baden-Württembergs. Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft, (publ. online before print). mehr