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Bauer, Paul C., und Bernhard Clemm von Hohenberg (In Press): Believing and Sharing Information by Fake Sources: An Experiment. Political Communication, (publ. online before print). mehr
Cernat, Alexandru, und Florian Keusch (In Press): Do surveys change behaviour? Insights from digital trace data. International Journal of Social Research Methodology. mehr
Chan, Chung-hong, Joseph Bajjalieh, Loretta Auvil, Hartmut Wessler, Scott Althaus, Kasper Welbers, Wouter van Atteveldt und Marc Jungblut (In Press): Four best practices for measuring news sentiment using ‘off-the-shelf’ dictionaries: a large-scale p-hacking experiment. Computational Communication Research. mehr
Chan, Chung-hong, und Christiane Grill (In Press): The Highs in Communication Research: Research Topics With High Supply, High Popularity, and High Prestige in High-Impact Journals. Communication Research, (publ. online before print). mehr
Mader, Matthias, Maria Pesthy und Harald Schoen (In Press): Conceptions of national identity, turnout and party preference: Evidence from Germany. Nations and Nationalism. mehr
van der Brug, Wouter, Sebastian Adrian Popa, Sara Hobolt und Hermann Schmitt (In Press): Illiberal democratic attitudes and support for European integration. Politics. mehr
Jakob, Julia (In Press): Supporting digital discourse? The deliberative function of links on Twitter. New Media & Society. mehr
Bahnsen, Oke, Thomas Gschwend und Lukas F. Stötzer (In Press): How do coalition signals shape voting behavior? Revealing the mediating role of coalition expectations. Electoral Studies, 66, (first published online). mehr
Soiné, Hannah, Leonie Kriegel und Jörg Dollmann (In Press): The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on risk perceptions: differences between ethnic groups in Germany. European Societies, (publ. online before print). mehr
Chan, Chung-hong, Jing Zeng, Hartmut Wessler, Marc Jungblut, Kasper Welbers, Joseph Bajjalieh, Wouter van Atteveldt und Scott Althaus (In Press): Reproducible Extraction of Cross-lingual Topics (rectr). Communication Methods and Measures. mehr