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Rittmann, Oliver, Marcel Neunhoeffer und Thomas Gschwend (In Press): How to improve the substantive interpretation of regression results when the dependent variable is logged. Political Science Research and Methods, (publ. online before print). mehr
Tuttnauer, Or, und Reuven Y. Hazan (In Press): Government–Opposition Relations and the Vote of No Confidence. Political Studies, (publ. online before print). mehr
Gross, Martin, Jochen Müller, Christian Stecker und Marc Debus (In Press): Navigating complexity: exploring the changing dynamics of coalition avoidance in Germany, 1946-2023. Regional and Federal Studies, (publ. online before print). mehr
Poertner, Mathias, und Nan Zhang (In Press): The Effects of Combating Corruption on Institutional Trust and Political Engagement: Evidence from Latin America. Political Science Research and Methods, (publ. online before print). mehr
Berger, Valentin T. Z., und Felix Jäger (In Press): Do electoral candidates reflect or select campaign issues? The influence of electoral manifestos on online communication. Party Politics, (publ. online before print). mehr
Auer, Daniel, Lea Portmann und Thomas Tichelbaecker (In Press): Electoral Discrimination, Party Rationale, and the Underrepresentation of Immigrant-Origin Politicians. American Journal of Political Science, (publ. online before print). mehr
Jakob, Julia, Chung-hong Chan, Timo Dobbrick und Hartmut Wessler (In Press): Discourse integration in positional online news reader comments: Patterns of responsiveness across types of democracy, digital platforms, and perspective camps. New Media & Society, (publ. online before print). mehr
Kuhlemann, Jana (In Press): Linking refugees’ time perceptions and their time use. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, (publ. online before print). mehr
Freudenthaler, Rainer, und Hartmut Wessler (In Press): How Alternative Are Alternative Media? Analyzing Speaker and Topic Diversity in Mainstream and Alternative Online Outlets. Digital Journalism, (publ. online before print). mehr
Ehrlich, Ulrike, Nadiya Kelle, Daniela Klaus und Katja Möhring (In Press): How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact the wellbeing of family care-givers? A longitudinal study of older adults in Germany. Ageing and Society, (publ. online before print). mehr