Christine Quittkat
The Europeanization of Professional Interest Intermediation: National Trade Associations in a French-German Comparison

S. 125-159 in: Conor McGrath (Hrsg.): Interest Groups & Lobbying in Europe. 2009. Lewiston, N. Y.: Edwin Mellen Press

National trade associations are not just active at the national but also at the EU-level to represent the interest of their members. We were interested whether or not the well-tested instruments of national interest intermediation are "tuned" to the European Union. On the basis of about 50 interviews and a comprehensive written survey we made an in-depth comparison of French and German trade associations. The European strategies of professional interest representation were analysed with regard to access strategies, cooperation patterns with national and European public actors, and alliance building with other organisations. Further, we evaluated to what degree the specific organisational and material conditions of national business associations and variance in political institutions make a difference. In concluding we assessed the Europeanisation of professional interest intermediation and consequences for interest groups as well as for the further development of EU governance.