Birgit Becker, Oliver Klein, Nicole Biedinger
The Development of Cognitive, Language, and Cultural Skills From Age 3 to 6: A Comparison Between Children of Turkish Origin and Children of Native-Born German Parents and the Role of Immigrant Parents Acculturation to the Receiving Society

American Educational Research Journal, 2013: 50, Heft 3, S. 616-649
ISSN: 0002-8312 (print)

This article analyzes the longitudinal development of differences in academic skills between children of Turkish origin and children of native-born German parents from age 3 to 6 in Germany with a focus on the role of immigrant parents’ acculturation to the receiving society. Growth curve models show that Turkish-origin children start with lower test scores at the age of 3 regarding German language skills and cultural knowledge but not with respect to cognitive skills. The difference in the language domain decreases until the age of 6 while it increases regarding children’s cultural knowledge. Immigrant parents’ acculturation to the receiving country is positively related with all three academic skill domains. The results point to the importance of early intervention strategies.