Doreen Allerkamp
The Dimensions of Euroscepticism

University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES) 43rd Annual Conference, Leeds, 02. bis 04. September 2013

Departing from an assessment of the conceptual state of the art on Euroscepticism, this paper argues that although many definitions and approaches have been put forward, consensus around the concept of Euroscepticism remains elusive. To enable the cross?fertilization and even convergence of various Euroscepticism?related research projects and approaches that promise to generate the most value added, however, some common framework is arguably required. Rather than putting forward yet another “definite” typology of Euroscepticism(s), this paper suggests embedding the notion in a broader framework of possible attitudes to ‘Europe’ (and more specifically, the EU) and presents the outlines and essential features of such a framework. The crucial contribution of this framework is that it enables researchers to place various carriers of Euroscepticism (public opinion, media outlets, parties, elites ...) into the same three? (or even four?)dimensional, flexible attitude space and hence compare their positions and model the relationships between them as well as shifts over time.