Weitere Publikationen aus diesem Projekt

Eric R. Igou, Aidan A. Blake, Herbert Bless
Just‑World Beliefs Increase Helping Intentions via Meaning and Affect
S. 2235–2253
Julia Ingenfeld, Tobias Wolbring, Herbert Bless
Commuting and Life Satisfaction Revisited: Evidence on a Non-Linear Relations­hip
S. 2677–2709
Marc Philipp Janson, Lena Kieserling, Hannah Mansmann-Mezger, Herbert Bless
Are the consequences of income inequality dependent on gross-domestic product or not? How different methodological approaches lead to different conclusions
Frankfurt am Main
Sebastian Butz, Pascal J. Kieslich, Herbert Bless
Why are conservatives happier than liberals? Comparing different explanations based on system justification, multiple group membership, and positive adjustment
S. 362-372
Herbert Bless, Axel M. Burger
A Closer Look at Social Psychologists' Silver Bullet Inevitable and Evitable Side Effects of the Experimental Approach
S. 296-308
Herbert Bless, Axel M. Burger
Assimilation and contrast in social priming
S. 26-31