Hildegard Brauns, Susanne Steinmann
Educational Reform in France, West-Germany, the United Kingdom and Hungary: Updating the CASMIN Educational Classification

Arbeitsbereich I; 21
ISSN: 0948-0072

In empirical education and labour market research, different approaches for measuring education have been pursued; they reach from number of years of schooling and educational scoring as continuous measures to typologies as ISCED and the CASMIN classification as categorical approaches. The value of the CASMIN educational classification has been demonstrated in many studies in comparative social mobility and labour market research. The original CASMIN coding scheme does not capture the institutional changes that took place in the course of the educational reforms that affected most European societies following WWII. In this paper, we concentrate on France, West-Germany, the United Kingdom and Hungary as a former socialist society. For these countries, we have updated the original CASMIN coding scheme according to recent developments in the educational systems. In addition, specific refinements and modifications of the CASMIN-classification are proposed.