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Jung, Jae-Hee, und Zeynep Somer-Topcu (In Press): United we stand, divided we fall? The effects of parties’ Brexit rhetoric on voters’ perceptions of party positions. Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, (publ. online before print). mehr
Somer-Topcu, Zeynep, Margit Tavits und Markus Baumann (In Press): Does party rhetoric affect voter perceptions of party positions?. Electoral Studies, 65, Heft June 2020, (article no. 102153). mehr
Amaya, Ashley, Ruben L. Bach, Frauke Kreuter und Florian Keusch (2021): Measuring the Strength of Attitudes in Social Media Data. S. 163-192 in: Craig Hil, Paul P. Biemer, Trent Buskirk, Lilli Japec, Antje Kirchner, Stas Kolenikov, Lars E. Lyberg (Hrsg.) Big Data Meets Survey Science: A Collection of Innovative Methods. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. mehr
Balietti, Stefano, und Christoph Riedl (2021): Incentives, Competition, and Inequali 104212ty in Markets for Creative Production. Research Policy, 50, Heft 4, (article no. 104212). mehr
Bender, Stefan, Ron S. Jarmin, Frauke Kreuter und Julia Lane (2021): Privacy and Confidentiality. S. 313-332 in: Ian Foster, Rayid Ghani, Ron S. Jarmin, Frauke Kreuter, Julia Lane (Hrsg.) Big Data and Social Science: Data Science Methods and Tools for Research and Practice. 2nd edition, New York: CRC Press. mehr
Braun, Daniela, Sebastian Adrian Popa und Hermann Schmitt (2021): The impact of Eurosceptic challenger parties of the left and the right on party competition over Europe. S. 45-73 in: Maurizio Cotta, Pierangelo Isernia (Hrsg.) The EU Through Multiple Crises. Representation and Cohesion Dilemmas For A "Sui Generis" Polity.. 1. Aufl., London: Routledge. mehr
Chan, Chung-hong, Joseph Bajjalieh, Loretta Auvil, Hartmut Wessler, Scott Althaus, Kasper Welbers, Wouter van Atteveldt und Marc Jungblut (2021): Four best practices for measuring news sentiment using ‘off-the-shelf’ dictionaries: a large-scale p-hacking experiment. Computational Communication Research, 3, Heft 1, S. 1-27. mehr
Cohen, Denis, Marcel Neunhoeffer und Oliver Rittmann (2021): Teaching Quantitative Social Science in Times of COVID-19: How to Generate and Distribute Individualized Exams with R and RMarkdown, Methods Bites - Blog of the MZES Social Science Data Lab, mehr
De Winter, Lieven, Rune Karlsen und Hermann Schmitt (Hrsg.) (2021): Parliamentary Candidates between Voters and Parties. A Comparative Perspective. London: Routledge. [Routledge Research on Social and Political Elites ] mehr
Debus, Marc (2021): Parteien. Populismus. Pandemie. Protestwahl? Das baden-württembergische Parteiensystem vor der Landtagswahl.. [Wahl-Web-Talk der Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Baden-Württemberg, (virtual), 27. Januar 2021] mehr