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Kretschmer, David (2018): How Structural Constraints to Out-Group Interaction Translate into In-Group Preferences: A Mechanism of Selective Social Learning. [XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology, Toronto, 15. bis 21. Juli 2018] mehr
Kretschmer, David (2018): How Structural Constraints to Out-Group Interaction Translate into In-Group Preferences: A Model of Selective Social Learning. [Seminar Analytische Soziologie, Venice International University, Venice, 12. bis 15. November 2018] mehr
Kretschmer, David (2018): Labor Market Underrepresentation and Minority Discrimination: A Dynamic Hiring Model with Selective Learning. [9th Network Workshop DFG Priority Program 1764. The German Labor Market in a Globalized World, ZEW, Mannheim, 27. bis 28. September 2018] mehr
Kretschmer, David (2018): Labor market underrepresentation results in minority discrimination: A dynamic hiring model with employer learning. The Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 42, Heft 2, S. 83-112. mehr
Kretschmer, David, und Tobias Roth (2018): Are Peer Effects in Educatonal Expectations Real? Spearating Influence, Selection, and Spurious Effects. [26th Annual Workshop of the European Research Network Transitions in Youth (TIY), MZES, Mannheim, 05. bis 08. September 2018] mehr
Kretschmer, David, Lars Leszczensky und Sebastian Pink (2018): Selection and Influence Processes in Academic Achievement - More Pronounced for Girls?. Social Networks, 52, S. 251-260. mehr
Kurella, Anna-Sophie, und Jan Rosset (2018): The Rise of Cultural Issues as an Opportunity for the Right? Insights from the 2015 Swiss Election. Swiss Political Science Review, 24, Heft 4, S. 381-399. mehr
Kurella, Anna-Sophie, Thomas Bräuninger und Franz Urban Pappi (2018): Centripetal and centrifugal incentives in mixed-member proportional systems. Journal of Theoretical Politics, 30, Heft 3, S. 306-334. mehr
Lehrer, Roni, und Gijs Schumacher (2018): Governator vs. Hunter and Aggregator: A simulation of party competition with vote-seeking and office-seeking rules. PloS one. mehr
Leininger, Arndt, Lukas Rudolph und Steffen Zittlau (2018): How to Increase Turnout in Low-Salience Elections: Quasi-Experimental Evidence on the Effect of Concurrent Second-Order Elections on Political Participation. Political Science Research and Methods, 6, Heft 3, S. 509-526. mehr