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Teperoglou, Eftichia, André Freire und Ioannis Andreadis (2013): Elites’ and Voters’ attitudes towards austerity policies and their consequences in Greece and Portugal. [7th ECPR General Conference, Sciences Po, Bordeaux, 04. bis 07. September 2013] mehr
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Theocharis, Yannis (2013): Social Media Politics en democratie: een reactie op Henry Milner (Social Media Politics and Democracy: A Response to Henry Milner). Res Publica, 55, S. 116-120. mehr
Theocharis, Yannis (2013): The Wealth of (Occupation) Networks? Communication Patterns and Information Distribution in a Twitter Protest Network. Journal of Information Technology and Politics, 10, Heft 1, S. 35-56. mehr
Theocharis, Yannis, William E. M. Lowe, Jan W. van Deth und Gema García Albacete (2013): Using Twitter to Mobilise Protest Action: Transnational Online Mobilisation Patterns and Action Repertoires in the Occupy Wall Street, Indignados and Aganaktismenoi Movements. [ECPR Joint Sessions, 'The Transnational Dimension of Protest: From the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street' Workshop, Mainz, 11. bis 16. März 2013] mehr
Tieben, Nicole, Dirk Hofäcker und Nicole Biedinger (2013): Social mobility and inequality in the life course: Exploring the relevance of context. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 32, S. 1-6. mehr
Tosun, Jale (2013): Environmental Policy Change in Emerging Market Democracies: Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America Compared. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. [Studies in Comparative Political Economy and Public Policy] mehr
Tosun, Jale (2013): Risk Regulation in Europe: Assessing the Application of the Precautionary Principle. New York: Springer. [Springer Briefs in Political Science; 3] mehr
Traunmüller, Richard (2013): Changes in Religious Regulation in 31 European Democracies, 1990 - 2011. [3rd Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association, Barcelona, 20. bis 22. Juni 2013] mehr
Traunmüller, Richard (2013): The Dynamics of Social Context on Political Preferences in Germany. [71st Annual Conference of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, Il., 11. bis 14. April 2013] mehr