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Larat, Fabrice (2008): National feeling and EU integration: The challenge of heterogeneity and of civilizing our way to deal with history. [Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, NECE conference, 'Citizenship Education Facing Nationalism and Populism in Europe', Sofia, 06. bis 08. November 2008] mehr
Larat, Fabrice (2008): Opening the black box: Reflexions on the nature and function of research integration. ["How does research integration work?", Brussels, 17. Juni 2008] mehr
Larat, Fabrice (2008): Round table "Gains and disadvantages of large research projects/ EU research policy and the experience of NEWGOV and CONNEX". [CONNEX/NEWGOV Dissemination Conference "EU Governance: Are we on the right track?", European Commission, Brussels, 10. April 2008] mehr
Larat, Fabrice (2008): Split collective memory in Europe after Eastern enlargement: a challenge for the EU?. [Polish Academy of sciences, round table, Warsaw, 29. Oktober 2008] mehr
Ludwig, Volker, und Josef Brüderl (2008): The Male Marital Wage Premium: Further Results on an Enduring Puzzle.. [8th International GSOEP User Conference, Berlin, 09. bis 11. Juli 2008] mehr
Luetgert, Brooke (2008): Mixing Methods: A Nested Analysis of EU Member State Transposition Patterns. [ECPR Joint Session of Workshops, Rennes, 11. bis 16. April 2008] mehr
Luetgert, Brooke, und Thomas König (2008): Policy Evaluation and Public Support for European Integration. [Annual Meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, 03. bis 08. April 2008] mehr
Mischke, Monika (2008): Attitudes towards family policy in Europe. [EQUALSOC/TRALEG Workshop: Welfare State Institutions and Welfare State Outcomes, MZES, Mannheim, 06. bis 08. März 2008] mehr
Mischke, Monika (2008): How European Families Care: Patterns of Use and Attitudes towards Child Care. [Seminar at Centre for Comparative Welfare Studies: Theoretical understandings of welfare attitudes, Aalborg University, Aalborg, 03. September 2008] mehr
Mischke, Monika (2008): Reconciliation of work and family in Europe. First evidence on childcare arrangements from the European Social Survey. [EQUALSOC Midterm Conference, WZB, Berlin, 11. bis 12. April 2008] mehr