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Pforr, Klaus (2011): Implementation of a multinomial logit model with fixed effects. [2011 German Stata Users Group Meeting, Bamberg, 01. Juli 2011] mehr
Plischke, Thomas (2011): Reaktionszeiten als Indikatoren für politische Einstellungen: Der Implizite Assoziationstest (IAT). [Jahrestagung des DVPW-Arbeitskreises "Wahlen und politische Einstellungen", Mainz, 30. Juni bis 01. Juli 2011] mehr
Pötzschke, Jana, und Matthias Mader (2011): One Hierarchy To Rule Them All? Structures in Belief Systems on Foreign and Security Policy Attitudes in the German Public. [6th ECPR General Conference, Reykjavik, 25. bis 27. August 2011] mehr
Pötzschke, Jana, Hans Rattinger und Harald Schoen (2011): Personality, Values and Attitudes toward Foreign and Security Policies. [APSA 2011 Annual Meeting, Seattle, 01. bis 04. September 2011] mehr
Quittkat, Christine (2011): EUROLOB II - Critical reflections on methodology Panel: Comparative interest group research in the EU – theory and methodology. [41st Annual UACES Conference “Exchanging Ideas on Europe 2011”, Cambridge, 05. bis 07. September 2011] mehr
Roth, Tobias (2011): The role of social resources for the explanation of ethnic educational inequalities in the German school system. [I.N.T.E.G.R.A.T.I.O.N. - Institutional and Life-Course Perspectives on Migration, Bremen, 20. bis 22. Januar 2011] mehr
Rothenbacher, Franz (2011): The East European Population since 1850: Historical Data Handbook and Comparative Analyses. [Max-Planck-Institute for Demographic Research (MPI), Rostock, 11. Oktober 2011] mehr
Roßmann, Joss, und Johannes N. Blumenberg (2011): Happy respondents, happy researchers? What self-disclosure and response-style can tell us about the quality of our data. [4th ESRA Annual Conference, Lausanne, 18. bis 22. Juli 2011] mehr
Salikutluk, Zerrin (2011): We Only Want What's Best for You! Immigrant Parents' Educational Aspirations and How They Are Perceived by Their Children. [ECSR 20th Anniversary Conference:European Society or Societies? A 20-Year Perspective, University College Dublin, 14. bis 17. Dezember 2011] mehr
Sanhueza Petrarca, Constanza (2011): Immigrants’ representation, A party-centred analytical model for comparative analysis. [Legipar Final Conference, Bordeaux, 30. November bis 02. Dezember 2011] mehr