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Schmitt, Hermann, Eva Heida Önnudottir und Federico Vegetti (2013): The Basic Philosophy of the TEV Micro Data Harmonisation and Restructuring Effort. [3rd Micro-data Think Tank Meeting, COST Action IS0806, Department of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento, Trento, 17. bis 20. Februar 2013] mehr
Schmitt-Beck, Rüdiger (2013): Calm in the Eye of the Storm: Parties and Voters Facing the 2013 German Federal Election. [Roundtable '2013 German Federal Election' of the Minda De Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge/MA, 19. September 2013] mehr
Schmitt-Beck, Rüdiger (2013): The German Election Campaign in Times of Crisis. [EUDO Dissemination Conference "Elections in Europe in Times of Crisis", European University Institute, Florence, 28. bis 29. November 2013] mehr
Schmitt-Beck, Rüdiger (2013): Voter Mobilization at European Elections. [Workshop ‚Voter Mobilization in Context‘, University of Manchester, Manchester, 08. November 2013] mehr
Scholten, Mirte M.M., und Nicole Tieben (2013): Labour market returns of higher education dropouts: Human capital or signalling?. [21st Annual Workshop of the European Research Network on Transitions in Youth, WZB, Berlin, 11. bis 14. September 2013] mehr
Scholten, Mirte M.M., und Nicole Tieben (2013): Pathways in and out of higher education: Effects of prior educational and vocational pathways on higher education drop out in Germany. [SPP 1646 Summer School 'Educational Trajectories and Competence Development – Theoretical Concepts and Methodological Implementations', Bamberg, 16. bis 27. September 2013] mehr
Schulz, Benjamin (2013): Ethnic Networks and Ethnic Disparities in German Secondary Schools and the German Labor Market. [1st Research Colloquium DFG Priority Program 1646 "Education as a Lifelong Process", Universität Bamberg, 04. bis 05. April 2013] mehr
Schulz, Benjamin (2013): Group Differences in the Effect of Native Friends on National Identification of Adolescent Immigrants in Germany. [Migration: Global Development, New Frontiers, London, 10. bis 13. April 2013] mehr
Schulz, Benjamin (2013): Non?response of Immigrant Parents in School?Based Surveys: Results from the National Educational Panel Study in Germany. [5th Conference of the European Survey Research Association, University of Ljubljana, 15. bis 19. Juli 2013] mehr
Siegert, Manuel (2013): How Satisfied are Migrants in Western Germany with their Income? The (possible) Role of Income Aspirations. [ECSR Conference: Developments in Social Inequality and Social Cohesion, Tilburg University, 14. bis 16. Oktober 2013] mehr