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Keusch, Florian, Sebastian Bähr, Georg-Christoph Haas, Frauke Kreuter und Mark Trappmann (2020): Participation rates and bias in a smartphone study collecting self-reports and passive mobile measurements using a research app. [AAPOR 75th Annual Conference (virtual conference) , 11. bis 12. Juni 2020] mehr
Keusch, Florian, Sebastian Bähr, Georg-Christoph Haas, Frauke Kreuter und Mark Trappmann (2020): Social networks on smartphones. Congruence of online and offline networks and their effect on labor market outcomes. [6th International Conference on Computational Social Science (virtual conference), Amherst St. Cambridge, MA, 17. bis 20. Juli 2020] mehr
Kleinewiese, Julia (2020): Putting D-efficiency under the microscope: Impacts of design resolution on aliasing and sample size in factorial surveys. [40th Congress of the German Sociological Association (virtual conference), Berlin, 14. bis 24. September 2020] mehr
Leszczensky, Lars (2020): Gendered Religious Friendship Segregation. [Migration, Integration, and Social Networks (virtual conference), Köln, 30. September bis 01. Oktober 2020] mehr
Leszczensky, Lars, und David Kretschmer (2020): Religious Friendship Segregation in German Schools: Bright Boundaries Everywhere or Contingent on Local Religious Composition?. [43rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP), Virtual Conference, 14. bis 16. Juli 2020] mehr
Shen, Jing (2020): Gender inequality in childcare and mental well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic: Empirical evidence from the UK. [Panel "COVID-19 impact on gender inequality" , The 2020 I, Scientist Virtual Conference, 16. bis 19. September 2020] mehr
Shen, Jing, und Irena Kogan (2020): How Do Host- and Home-Country Labour Market Contexts Matter? Unemployed Immigrant Men’s Life Satisfaction in Europe. [115th ASA Annual Meeting (virtual conference), San Francisco, CA, 08. bis 11. August 2020] mehr
Silber, Henning, Johannes Breuer, Christoph Beuthner, Pascal Siegers, Bernd Weiß, Sebastian Stier, Florian Keusch und Tobias Gummer (2020): Linking surveys and digital trace data: Experiences from two pilot studies on factors influencing informed consent. [BigSurv 20 (virtual conference), 06. November bis 04. Dezember 2020] mehr
Weiland, Andreas (2020): Couples’ careers and women’s financial well-being in later life across Europe. [ESPAnet online PhD seminar, 04. September 2020] mehr
Welbers, Kasper, Wouter van Atteveldt, Chung-hong Chan, Hartmut Wessler und Scott Althaus (2020): Suspect by Association: Untangling Semantic Relations Between Muslim Communities and Terrorism in the News. [70th Annual International Communication Association Conference, Virtual Conference, 20. bis 26. Mai 2020] mehr