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Müller, Walter, und Reinhard Pollak (2013): Bildungsungleichheit, Bildungsexpansion und soziale Mobilität. [Vortrag am Soziologischen Forschungsinstitut (SOFI) Göttingen und dem Institut für Soziologie der Georg-August Universität, Göttingen, 05. Juni 2013] mehr
Müller, Walter, und Reinhard Pollak (2013): The Mobility Triangle Revisited – Changes in Educational Inequality, Educational Returns and Social Mobility over Periods and Cohorts in Germany. [Spring Meeting of the Research Committee on Social Stratification and Mobility (RC28) "Economic Crisis, Social Inequalities and Social Policies", University of Trento, 16. bis 18. Mai 2013] mehr
Müller, Walter, und Reinhard Pollak (2013): Social Mobility and the Middle Classes in Germany. Trends over the 20th Century with Particular Attention to the Role of Education. [Second International Conference on the Middle Class: “The Middle Class as a Precondition of a Sustainable Society: Fifteen Years later” – Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Nikolai Tilkidjiev, Sofia, 03. bis 04. Dezember 2013] mehr
Naczyk, Marek, und Stefan Domonkos (2013): Cure or Kill: The Global Financial Crisis and the Changing Domestic Politics of Pension Privatization in Central and Eastern Europe. [7th ECPR General Conference, Sciences Po, Bordeaux, 04. bis 07. September 2013] mehr
Neugebauer, Martin (2013): Reduzieren Bachelorstudiengänge die soziale Ungleichheit in den Hochschulen?. [1. Tagung der Gesellschaft für Empirische Bildungsforschung (GEBF), Kiel, 11. bis 13. März 2013] mehr
Obert, Peter, und Jochen Müller (2013): The thresholds of representation and relevance and their implications for the survival of new parties in the context of Czech regional elections. [ECPR General Conference, Sciences Po, Bordeaux, 04. bis 07. September 2013] mehr
Popa, Sebastian Adrian, und Delia Dumitrescu (2013): European Identity at the Party Level. [3rd Annual General Conference of European Political Science Association, Barcelona, 20. bis 22. Juni 2013] mehr
Popa, Sebastian Adrian, und Hermann Schmitt (2013): Electoral performance in second order elections: Emphasizing the context. [41st ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, University of Mainz, 11. bis 16. März 2013] mehr
Popa, Sebastian Adrian, Mikolaj Czesnik, Piret Ehin, Ain? Ramonaite und Gabór Tóka (2013): Party system consolidation and electoral choice. [6th Management Committee and Working Groups Meetings, COST Action IS0806, Trinity College, Dublin, 10. bis 13. Oktober 2013] mehr
Quittkat, Christine (2013): The European Citizen’s Initiative (Podiumsdiskussion). [Alpbach Perspectives: The EU with or without me, Europäisches Forum Alpbach, 19. bis 21. August 2013] mehr