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Bohr, Jeanette, und Nadia Granato (2019): The Gender Gap in Workplace Authority: The Role of Occupational Opportunity Structures & Part-Time Employment in a European Comparison. [Seminar "Analytical Sociology: Theory and empirical applications", Venice, 18. bis 21. November 2019] mehr
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Bräuninger, Thomas, und Nikolay Marinov (2019): Conspiracies as a Strategy of Political Communication. [7th Annual Comparative Politics & Formal Theory Conference, Berkeley, 11. bis 12. Oktober 2019] mehr
Bräuninger, Thomas, und Nikolay Marinov (2019): Conspiracies as a Strategy of Political Communication. [Analyzing Strategic Interactions in Political Decision-making, Lisbon, 09. bis 11. Mai 2019] mehr
Bräuninger, Thomas, Marc Debus, Jochen Müller und Christian Stecker (2019): Party Competition and Government Formation in Germany: Business as Usual or New Patterns?. German Politics, 28, Heft 1, S. 80-100. mehr
Bräuninger, Thomas, Thomas Däubler, Robert Huber und Lukas Rudolph (2019): The Performance of Populist Right Parties in Open and Closed List PR systems. Evidence from a Survey Experiment. [Conference on Advances in the Empirical and Theoretical Study of Parliaments, Konstanz, 26. bis 28. September 2019] mehr