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Weißmann, Markus, und Tobias Roth (2019): Occupational aspirations and ethnic inequalities at the transition from school to vocational training in Germany. [27th Annual Workshop Transitions in Youth, Maastricht, 02. bis 05. Oktober 2019] mehr
Wessler, Hartmut (2019): Emotional underpinnings of constructive engagement. Rereading deliberative theory. [Workshop "Engaging the Skeptics?! Epistemic (In)Justice, Public Participation, and Moral Expertise in Health Discourses", Göttingen, 04. bis 05. März 2019] mehr
Wessler, Hartmut (2019): Emotional underpinnings of deliberation. [69th Annual ICA Conference, Washington, DC, 24. bis 28. Mai 2019] mehr
Wessler, Hartmut (2019): Responsible terrorism coverage. How media can cover attacks without serving terrorist agendas. [Hertie School of Governance: Frontline Research on Terrorism Event Series, Berlin, 30. September 2019] mehr
Wessler, Hartmut (2019): Three entry points for a deliberative theory of emotions. [Lubral 2019 - II International Symposium on Philosophy and Communication: Luso-Brazilian-German, Covilha, 26. bis 29. Juni 2019] mehr
Wessler, Hartmut (2019): Which norms of public communication apply in autocratic contexts?. [Workshop "Theorizing Publics under Authoritarian Rule", Berlin, 19. bis 21. Juni 2019] mehr
Wetzel, Anne (2019): 15 Jahre Europäische Nachbarschaftspolitik – eine Bestandsaufnahme. Integration, 42, Heft 2, S. 158-163. mehr
Wetzel, Anne (2019): Decentralization in Ukraine and "Bottom-Up" European Integration?. [Sixteenth EUSA International Biennial Conference, Denver, CO, 09. bis 11. Mai 2019] mehr
Wetzel, Anne (2019): Section Commentary. Asylum and International Protection. S. 330-336 in: Agnieszka Weinar, Saskia Bonjour, Lyubov Zhyznomirska (Hrsg.) The Routledge Handbook of the Politics of Migration in Europe. London: Routledge. mehr
Willumsen, David M., Christian Stecker und Klaus H. Goetz (2019): Do electoral district size and diversity affect legislative behaviour?. Australian Journal of Political Science, 54, Heft 1, S. 37-64. mehr