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Kogan, Irena (2015): Institutional embeddedness of immigrant integration. [Annual BAGGS Conference on Inequality, University of Bamberg, 29. bis 30. September 2015] mehr
Kogan, Irena (2015): Integration policies and immigrants' labour market outcomes. [ECSR Spring School, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Turin, 23. bis 27. März 2015] mehr
Kogan, Irena (2015): Integrations policies and immigrants' labour market outcomes. [Nuffield College Sociology Seminar, Oxford, 03. bis 04. Juni 2015] mehr
Kogan, Irena, Jing Shen und Manuel Siegert (2015): The right choice? Immigrants’ life satisfaction in the European receiving countries. [ECSR Conference 2015 - Cumulative Inequalities in the Life Course, Tallinn University, 10. bis 12. September 2015] mehr
Kohler-Koch, Beate (2015): Participation by invitation. Citizen engagement in the EU. S. 206-223 in: Thomas Poguntke, Sigrid Roßteutscher, Rüdiger Schmitt-Beck, Sonja Zmerli (Hrsg.) Citizenship and Democracy in an Era of Crisis: Essays in honour of Jan W. van Deth. London, New York: Routledge. mehr
Kohler-Koch, Beate (2015): Participatory Governance: A Fringe Phenomenon of the New Institutional Balance. [Closing Lecture, CERIM Academic Opening Event, Centre for European Research in Maastricht (CERiM), 09. November 2015] mehr
Kohler-Koch, Beate (2015): Patterns of Change and Persistence in German Business Associations. [ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, University of Warsaw, 29. März bis 02. April 2015] mehr
Kohler-Koch, Beate, und Peter Kotzian (2015): Holding International Governance to Account: Do Civil Society Organizations Have a Chance to Exert Accountability?. Journal of International Organizations Studies (JIOS), 6, Heft 2, S. 5-25. mehr
Kortmann, Matthias, und Christian Stecker (2015): Party Competition and Policies of Immigrant Integration in Germany. [5th Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association, Vienna, 25. bis 27. Juni 2015] mehr
Kreuter, Frauke (2015): Informed Consent: Survey Methodology Perspective. [Joint Statistical Meetings, Seattle, WA, 08. bis 13. August 2015] mehr