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Schäfer, Anne, und Rüdiger Schmitt-Beck (2015): Socio-spatial Contexts, Discussant Networks and Turnout. [111th Annual Conference of the American Political Science Association, San Francisco, 03. bis 06. September 2015] mehr
Schäfer, Constantin, und Marc Debus (2015): Euroscepticism, Policy Alienation and Abstention in the 2014 EP Elections. [Conference "The 2014 European Parliament Elections in Perspective: European Elections Studies 1979-2014", MZES, Mannheim, 06. bis 08. November 2015] mehr
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Shen, Jing, und Irena Kogan (2015): Self-Selected Contact Use and Its Impact on Gender Income Differentials in Urban China. [XXXV International Sunbelt Social Network Conference, Hilton Metropole, Brighton, 23. bis 28. Juni 2015] mehr
Soentken, Menno, und J. Timo Weishaupt (2015): When Social Partners Unite: Explaining Continuity and Change in Austrian and Dutch Labour Market Governance. Social Policy and Administration, 49, Heft 5, S. 593–611. mehr
Stecker, Christian (2015): Caught in the Core – How majority coalitions prevent median policies. [65th Political Studies Association Annual International Conference, Sheffield, 30. März bis 01. April 2015] mehr
Stecker, Christian (2015): How effects on party unity vary across votes. Party Politics, 21, Heft 5, S. 791-802. mehr
Stecker, Christian (2015): Less conflict in times of crisis? Government-Opposition Dynamics in Germany. [22nd International Conference of Europeanists, Sciences Po, Paris, 08. bis 10. Juli 2015] mehr
Stecker, Christian (2015): Parties on the Chain of Federalism: Position-Taking and Multi-Level Party Competition in Germany. West European Politics, 38, Heft 6, S. 1305-1326. mehr
Stecker, Christian, und Markus Tausendpfund (2015): Multi-dimensional government-citizen congruence and satisfaction with democracy. [5th Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association, Vienna, 25. bis 27. Juni 2015] mehr