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Adascalitei, Dragos, und Stefan Domonkos (2015): What really is a pension crisis? A theoretical argument on the link between ageing, productivity, and retirement. London [CPS Working Papers; 7] mehr
Adascalitei, Dragos, und Stefan Guga (2015): Decentralization, Union Power and Contention Episodes: the Case of Dacia Workers. Glasgow [Marie Curie Changing Employment ITN Research Paper Series] mehr
Carey, Sabine C., Michael P. Colaresi und Neil J. Mitchell (2015): The Silk Road to Insecurity: Why Not Public-Private Collaboration in the Security Sector?, Political Violence @ a Glance, mehr
Esser, Hartmut, und Ilona Relikowski (2015): Is Ability Tracking (Really) Responsible for Educational Inequalities in Achievement? A Comparison between the Country States Bavaria and Hesse in Germany. Bonn [IZA-Discussion Paper] mehr
Fertig, Georg, und Franz Rothenbacher (2015): Bevölkerung, Haushalte, Familien. [Historical Social Research Transition (Online Supplement): Dokumentation zum Zeitreihendatensatz für Deutschland, 1834-2012; 26] mehr
Gross, Martin, und Marc Debus (2015): Local politicians take the party affiliation of directly elected mayors into account when forming coalitions, Democratic Audit UK, mehr
Hörisch, Felix, und Peter Obert (2015): Sozialkapital zwischen Stabilität und Wandel: Zum Einfluss von Wirtschaftskrisen und Konjunkturpolitik auf politisches und soziales Vertrauen, WISO direkt, mehr
Kreuter, Frauke (2015): Paradata – Big Data of Survey Research. Paris [The Survey Statistician: The Newsletter of the International Association of Survey Statisticians] mehr
Sakshaug, Joseph W., Stefanie Wolter und Frauke Kreuter (2015): Obtaining Record Linkage Consent. Results from a Wording Experiment in Germany, Survey Methods: Insights from the Field, mehr
Steinbrecher, Markus, und Harald Schoen (2015): Heterogeneous campaign effects in the German multi-party system? An empirical test of consideration set models. Montréal [Paper prepared for delivery at the 9th ECPR General Conference] mehr