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Bevan, Shaun (2013): Bureaucratic Responsiveness: The Effects of Government, Public and European Attention on the UK Bureaucracy. [7th ECPR General Conference, Sciences Po, Bordeaux, 04. bis 07. September 2013] mehr
Bevan, Shaun (2013): Continuing the Collective Action Dilemma: The Survival of Voluntary Associations in the United States. Political Research Quarterly, 66, Heft 3, S. 545-558. mehr
Bevan, Shaun (2013): Secondary Government Attention: UK Bureaucracy and Its European Focus. [Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois, 11. bis 14. April 2013] mehr
Bevan, Shaun, und Mona Krewel (2013): Responsive Elections: The Effect of Public Opinion on Political Campaigns. [Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois, 11. bis 14. April 2013] mehr
Bevan, Shaun, und Will Jennings (2013): Dynamic Agenda Representation in Comparative Perspective. [3rd Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association, Barcelona, 20. bis 22. Juni 2013] mehr
Bevan, Shaun, und Zachary Greene (2013): Maintaining Attention: Partisan Effects on Attention in UK Acts of Parliament. [Political Studies Association Conference, Cardiff, 03. April 2013] mehr
Bevan, Shaun, Frank R. Baumgartner, Erik Johnson und John McCarthy (2013): Understanding Selection Bias, Time-Lags and Measurement Bias in Secondary Data Sources: Putting the Encyclopedia of Associations Database in Broader Context. Social Science Research, 42, Heft 6, S. 1750-1764. mehr
Biedinger, Nicole, Birgit Becker und Oliver Klein (2013): Turkish-Language Fluency of Children of Immigrants in Germany: Which Contexts of Exposure Influence Preschool Children's Acquisition of their Heritage Language. [Spring Meeting of the Research Committee on Social Stratification and Mobility (RC28) "Economic Crisis, Social Inequalities and Social Policies", Trento, 16. bis 18. Mai 2013] mehr
Biegert, Thomas (2013): (Con-)Sequences of Non-employment: Labour Market Reintegration in the United Kingdom and Germany. [ESPAnet Doctoral Workshop 2013 "Comparing Welfare States: Applying Quantitative and Qualitative Comparative Analysis in Social Policy Research", MZES, Mannheim, 04. bis 06. Juli 2013] mehr
Biegert, Thomas (2013): Retrenchment for Growth? A pseudo-panel analysis of welfare benefit impact on labour market performance. [11th Annual ESPAnet Conference "Social Policy and Economic Development", Pozna? University of Economics, 04. bis 07. September 2013] mehr