Comparative Campaign Dynamics Dataset


This collection of data sets provides information on ideological cohesion and ambiguity of party positions along with information on framing effects by competing parties and the media. The data covers the policy standpoints parties and their representatives have communicated in the media along with valence-related statements, such as references to competence or integrity. Coding was based on pre-electoral coverage of major newspapers for two recent (national) electoral campaigns in ten European countries. The three separate data sets focus on the statements parties have made referring to themselves, the statements they have made referring to their competitors and the statements the newspapers have made referring to the parties.

Related Research:

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Data Access:
[codebook] Where Is My Party? Determinants of Voter Agreement about the Ideological Positions of Political Parties

[dataset] "Self_v1" (parties talking about themselves) [.dta, 4.48 MB]

[dataset] "Other_v1" (parties talking about other parties) [.dta, 3.18 MB]

[dataset] "Journalist_v1" (journalists talking about parties) [.dta, 5.15 MB]

[dataset] Country File: Czech Republic" [.csv, 4.87 MB]

[dataset] Country File: Denmark [.csv, 4.15 MB]

[dataset] Country File: Germany [.csv, 3.77 MB]

[dataset] Country File: Hungary [.csv, 3.75 MB]

[dataset] Country File: Netherlands [.csv, 3.55 MB]

[dataset] Country File: Poland [.csv, 4.78 MB]

[dataset] Country File: Portugal [.csv, 4.34 MB]

[dataset] Country File: Spain [.csv, 3.65 MB]

[dataset] Country File: Sweden [.csv, 5.29 MB]

[dataset] Country File: United Kingdom (2005) [.csv, 1.78 MB]

[dataset] Country File: United Kingdom (2010) [.csv, 2.36 MB]

[dataset] Country File: United Kingdom (2015) [.csv, 2.66 MB]

Country Experts:

Czech Republic

Vlastimil Havlik, Masaryk University


Christian Elmelund-Præstekær, University of Southern Denmark


Marc Debus, University of Mannheim


Zsofia Papp, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

The Netherlands

Armen Hakhverdian, University of Amsterdam


Natalia Letki and Wojciech Rafalowski, University of Warsaw


José Santana Pereira, University of Lisbon


Pablo Fernandez-Vazquez, University of Pittsburgh


Stefan Dahlberg, University of Bergen

United Kingdom

Jane Green, Oxford University


Directors MZES: 
Directors other: 
Zeynep Somer-Topcu
Margit Tavits
Involvement MZES: 
MZES coordinated the data collection
Data publication date: 
Data citation: 
Debus, Marc, Zeynep Somer-Topcu, and Margit Tavits. 2018. Comparative Campaign Dynamics Dataset. Mannheim: Mannheim Centre for European Social Research, University of Mannheim.