Best paper award for Moritz Heß and colleagues: conference contribution on population ageing, the intergenerational conflict, and active ageing policies

Moritz Heß (MZES), Elias Naumann (SFB 884, University of Mannheim), and Leander Steinkopf (FU Berlin) have won the best paper award at the conference “Building an evidence base for active ageing policies: Active Ageing Index and its potential”. In their paper they research the potential intergenerational conflict in Europe and its relation to population ageing and active ageing policies.

The authors come to the conclusion that there is only weak conflict between old and young over age-related social policy programmes and that generational policies are able to mitigate the generational conflict. There is no evidence that the generational conflict will be increasing with population ageing.

The conference was organised by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the European Commission, and the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing. It took place in Brussels on April 16 and 17, 2015. The prize money is 4.000 Euro.

(April 27, 2015 - photo: Maciej Szkopanski /

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