New series "MZES Fokus" for target groups (also) outside academia

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With “MZES Fokus”, the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES) launches a new series of publications. This novel format addresses multipliers, decision-makers in politics, business, and society, and the interested public and civil society.

Articles in MZES Fokus by MZES scientists deal mainly with topics related to practice and issues of daily politics. MZES Fokus thus adds to the MZES’s usual form of publications in externally peer-reviewed (international) academic journals and other scientific outlets, with the aim of reaching target groups (also) outside academia more directly. There will also be space for joint publications with external authors and contributions in English.

First issue: Young adults and the pandemic: findings from the CILS4COVID survey

In the first issue, "Junge Erwachsene und die Pandemie: Erkenntnisse der CILS4COVID-Befragung", researchers from the CILS4EU project argue that young people are wrongly considered a "problem group": they predominantly show responsibility and concern for others.

With MZES Fokus, the MZES aims to contribute to a science-based, broad social debate, which by its very nature cannot take place exclusively in academic journals.

MZES Fokus is published at irregular intervals and can be subscribed to at:
fokus [at]

Press release University of Mannheim:

(10 May 2021)