Open access: 10,000 Euros of MZES funding per year – first publication out now

MZES Fellow Dr. Paul C. Bauer is author of the first MZES-funded open access publication. His article "Unemployment, Trust in Government, and Satisfaction with Democracy: An Empirical Investigation" has been published in "Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World". The author shows that, although there is strong evidence that changes in employment status do affect life satisfaction, effects on trust in government and satisfaction with democracy seem mostly absent or negligible in size.

As of late the MZES supports open access publications by MZES researchers with up to 10,000 Euros per year. In this matter the MZES co-operates closely with the library of the University of Mannheim.

The aim of open access is to provide free and unrestricted online access to scientific and scholarly information and reduce barriers to re-use. Generally, the publication costs (Article Processing Charges, APC) have to be covered by the author.

(January 10, 2018)