New Director of the MZES: Prof. Dr. Marc Debus

Political scientist Professor Dr. Marc Debus is the new Director of the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES) of the University of Mannheim. Marc Debus succeeds the sociologist Frank Kalter, who is leaving the Executive Board after a three-year term as Director and more than eight years in the Board.

Marc Debus, age 38, has been part of the three-member MZES Executive Board as Head of Research Department B "European Political Systems and their Integration" since spring 2014. This position has been assumed by political scientist Professor Dr. Harald Schoen. The Executive Board is completed by sociologist Professor Henning Hillmann, Ph.D., as Head of Research Department A "European Societies and their Integration".

On occasion of the presentation of the Annual Report 2016, Marc Debus expressed his thanks to the outgoing members of the Executive Board, Frank Kalter and Irena Kogan.

MZES Annual Report 2016 (PDF, in English; 1,0 MB):

(see PDF below for full press release in German; March 30, 2017)