New Acquisitions MZES library May 2018

Reference books

Rydgren, Jens
The Oxford handbook of the radical right
New York : Oxford University Press, 2018
Shelfmark: ALLG/Info/Handb/119

General, social, economic history

Evangelista, Matthew
Italy from crisis to crisis : political economy, security, and society in the 21st century
London ; Routledge, 2018
Shelfmark: I/ALLG/066

Wasserstrom, Jeffrey N.
China in the 21st century : what everyone needs to know
New York : Oxford University Press, 2018
Shelfmark: ASI/Allg/047

Ījabs, Ivars
Lettland 1918-2018 : ein Jahrhundert Staatlichkeit
Paderborn : Ferdinand Schöningh, 2018
Shelfmark: LV/Allg/008

Population, migration, urbanism, social geography

Kaloudis, George S.
Modern Greece and the diaspora Greeks in the United States
Lanham ; Lexington Books, 2018
Shelfmark: GR/Bevgeo/022

Thorvaldsen, Gunnar
Censuses and census takers : a global history
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Shelfmark: ALLG/Bevgeo/231

Labour market, classes, professions, status groups

Baxandall, Phineas
Constructing unemployment : the politics of joblessness in East and West
London ; Routledge, 2018
Shelfmark: H/Erwkla/004

Monetary, financial institutions

Ragone, Sabrina
Managing the euro crisis : national EU policy coordination in the debtor countries
London ; Routledge, 2018
Shelfmark: E.A./Finanz/213

International relations

Bitzegeio, Ursula
Flucht, Transit, Asyl : interdisziplinäre Perspektiven auf ein europäisches Versprechen
Bonn : Dietz, 2018
Shelfmark: E.A./Intbez/636

Spaiser, Olga A.
The European Union's influence in Central Asia : geopolitical challenges and responses
Lanham ; Lexington Books, 2018
Shelfmark: E.A./Intbez/635

Wood, Stephen
Germany and East-Central Europe : political, economic and socio-cultural relations in the era of EU enlargement
London ; Routledge, 2018
Shelfmark: E.A./Intbez/634

Religion, culture, media

Truong, Fabien
Radicalized loyalties : becoming Muslim in the West
Cambridge : Polity, 2018
Shelfmark: F/Kultur/025

Nationalism, minorities, regionalism

Dowling, Andrew
The rise of Catalan independence : Spain's territorial crisis
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Shelfmark: E/Nation/036

Petersen, William
From persons to people : further studies in the politics of population
London ; Routledge, 2018
Shelfmark: ALLG/Nation/154

Political parties, elections, participation, elites, public opinion

Akgül Açıkmeşe, Sinem
The European Union and the Black Sea : the state of play
London ; Routledge, 2017
Shelfmark: E.A./Polsoz/336

Chaisty, Paul
Coalitional presidentialism in comparative perspective : minority presidents in multiparty systems
Oxford : Oxford Univ Press, 2018
Shelfmark: ALLG/Polsoz/368

Emanuele, Vincenzo
Cleavages, institutions and competition : understanding vote nationalisation in Western Europe (1965-2015)
Colchester : ECPR Press, 2018
Shelfmark: E.K./Polsoz/1225

Greve, Bent
Social and labour market policy : the basics
London ; Routledge, 2018
Shelfmark: ALLG/Polsoz/363

Hassell, Hans J.G.
The party's primary : control of congressional nominations
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2018
Shelfmark: USA/Polsoz/253

Hertner, Isabelle
Centre-left parties and the European Union : power, accountability and democracy
Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2018
Shelfmark: E.K./Polsoz/1224

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Aussenstelle
Chancen und Herausforderungen im Kaukasus : die Rolle der Türkei als regionaler Stabilitätsfaktor
Cankaya-Ankara : Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung 09.Juli 2997
Shelfmark: OE/Polsoz/208

Long, Kenneth J.
Contemporary anti-Muslim politics : aggressions and exclusions
Lanham ; Lexington Books, 2017
Shelfmark: E.K./Polsoz/1227

Manow, Philip
Welfare democracies and party politics : explaining electoral dynamics in times of changing welfare capitalism
Oxford ; Oxford University Press, 2018
Shelfmark: E.K./Polsoz/1226

Matanock, Aila M.
Electing peace : from civil conflict to political participation
Cambridge ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: ALLG/Polsoz/367

Matveeva, Anna
Through times of trouble : conflict in southeastern Ukraine explained from within
Lanham ; Lexington Books, 2018
Shelfmark: UKR/Polsoz/066

Morel, Laurence
The Routledge handbook to referendums and direct democracy
London ; Routledge, 2018
Shelfmark: ALLG/Polsoz/369

Mounk, Yascha
The people vs. democracy : why our freedom is in danger and how to save it
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2018
Shelfmark: ALLG/Polsoz/365

Mujanović, Jasmin
Hunger and fury : the crisis of democracy in the Balkans
London : Hurst & Company, 2018
Shelfmark: OE/Polsoz/207

O'Neil, Patrick H.
Cases and concepts in comparative politics : an integrated approach
New York ; W. W. Norton & Company, 2018
Shelfmark: ALLG/Polsoz/364

Reilly, Shauna
Direct democracy : a double-edged sword
Boulder, Colorado ; Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc., 2018
Shelfmark: ALLG/Polsoz/366

Saunders, Robert
Yes to Europe! : the 1975 referendum and seventies Britain
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2018
Shelfmark: GB/Polsoz/292

Vasilopoulou, Sofia
Far right parties and euroscepticism : patterns of opposition
London ; Rowman & Littlefield International, 2018
Shelfmark: E.K./Polsoz/1223

Vries, Catherine E. de
Euroscepticism and the future of European integration
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2018
Shelfmark: E.A./Polsoz/335

Welfare state, social policy, public health

Dahl, Hanne Marlene
Dilemmas of care in the Nordic welfare state : continuity and change
London ; Routledge, 2018
Shelfmark: E.K./Sozsta/1037

Estes, Richard J.
Advances in well-being : towards a better world
London ; Rowman & Littlefield International, 2018
Shelfmark: ALLG/Sozsta/254

Pigou, Arthur C.
The economics of welfare
London ; Routledge, 2017
Shelfmark: ALLG/Sozsta/255

Constitution, european treaties, government, administration, law

Cochrane, Feargal
Mediating power-sharing : devolution and consociationalism in deeply divided societies
London ; Routledge, 2018
Shelfmark: E.K./Staat/685

Dardanelli, Paolo
Restructuring the European state : European integration and state reform
Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: E.A./Staat/577

Concepts & theories of integration, federalism, special theories

Meurs, Wim P. van
The unfinished history of European integration
Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, 2018
Shelfmark: E.A./Theorie/123

Inequality, mobility, social stratification

Wysong, Earl
Deep inequality : understanding the new normal and how to challenge it
Lanham ; Rowman & Littlefield, 2018
Shelfmark: USA/Unglei/092

Trade unions, employers' organisations, associations at EU level

Hertel-Fernandez, Alex
Politics at work : how companies turn their workers in lobbyists
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2018
Shelfmark: USA/Verbän/024


Best, Shaun
Understanding and doing successful research : data collection and analysis for the social sciences
London ; Routledge, 2016
Shelfmark: MET/Erheb/102

Working Papers

Siegenthaler, Jürg K.
Poverty among single elderly women under different systems of old-age security : a comparative review
Differdange : LIS 1996
Shelfmark: WP/INT/CEPS/LIS/149

Stapf, Heinz
Old-age poverty in selected countries of the European community - are women disproportionally affected
Walferdange : LIS 1994
Shelfmark: WP/INT/CEPS/LIS/105