New Acquisitions MZES library October 2017

Reference books

Hooghe, Liesbet
Measuring international authority
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: ALLG/Info/Handb/115

Kennett, Patricia
Handbook of European social policy
Cheltenham, UK ; Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017
Shelfmark: E.A./Info/Handb/031

EU Integration

Drozdiak, William
Der Zerfall : Europas Krisen und das Schicksal des Westens
Zürich : Orell Füssli Verlag, 2017
Shelfmark: E.A./Allg/608

General, social, economic history

Blume, Georg
Der Frankreich-Blues : wie Deutschland eine Freundschaft riskiert
Hamburg : Edition Körber, 2017
Shelfmark: E.K./Allg/293

Population, migration, urbanism, social geography

Erel, Umut
Migrant women transforming citizenship : life stories from Britain and Germany
London : Routledge, 2016
Shelfmark: E.K./Bevgeo/537

Nowicka, Magdalena
Migration and social remittances in a global Europe
London : Palgrave Macmillan, an imprint of Springer Nature, 2016
Shelfmark: E.K./Bevgeo/538

Family, household, kinship

Byer, Silvia Giovanardi
Representations of female identity in Italy : from neoclassism to the 21st century
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017
Shelfmark: I/Famil/031

Green, Andy
The crisis for young people : generational inequalities in education, work, housing and welfare
Cham : Palgrave Macmillan, 2017
Shelfmark: GB/Famil/119

International relations

Jakob, Christian
Diktatoren als Türsteher Europas : wie die EU ihre Grenzen nach Afrika verlagert
Berlin : Ch. Links Verlag, 2017
Shelfmark: E.A./Intbez/628

Religion, culture, media

Nelis, Jan
Religion and secularism in the European Union : state of affairs and current debates
Bruxelles ; P.I.E. Peter Lang, 2017
Shelfmark: E.A./Kultur/089

Vorderer, Peter
Permanently online, permanently connected : living and communicating in a POPC world
New York ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Shelfmark: ALLG/Medien/052

Nationalism, minorities, regionalism

Jiménez, Tomás R.
The other side of assimilation : how immigrants are changing American life
Oakland, California : University of California Press, 2017
Shelfmark: USA/Nation/041

Political parties, elections, participation, elites, public opinion

Dallmayr, Fred R.
Democracy to come : politics as relational praxis
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: ALLG/Polsoz/357

Ellis, Christopher
Putting inequality in context : class, public opinion, and representation in the United States
Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, 2017
Shelfmark: USA/Polsoz/244

Golder, Sona Nadenichek
Multi-level electoral politics : beyond the second-order election model
Oxford : Oxford University Press, ECPR, 2017
Shelfmark: E.K./Polsoz/1203

Ham, Carolien van
Myth and reality of the legitimacy crisis : explaining trends and cross-national differences in established democracies
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: E.K./Polsoz/1201

Ignazi, Piero
Party and democracy : the uneven road to party legitimacy
New York ; Oxford University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: E.K./Polsoz/1199

Ihalainen, Pasi
Parliament and parliamentarism : a comparative history of a European concept
New York ; Berghahn Books, 2016
Shelfmark: E.K./Polsoz/1202

Stone, Walter J.
Candidates and voters : ideology, valence, and representation in US elections
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: USA/Polsoz/243

Ziblatt, Daniel
Conservative parties and the birth of democracy
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: E.K./Polsoz/1200

Welfare state, social policy, public health

Anderson, K. Kai
Retire on real estate : building rental income for a safe and secure retirement
New York, NY ; AMACOM, American Management Association, 2018
Shelfmark: ALLG/Sozsta/251

Taylor-Gooby, Peter
After Austerity : Welfare State Transformation in Europe after the Great Recession
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: E.A./Sozsta/490

Constitution, european treaties, government, administration, law

Maduro, Miguel Poiares
The transformation of Europe : twenty-five years on
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: E.A./Staat/570

Polese, Abel
Post-socialist informalities : power, agency and the construction of extra-legalities from Bosnia to China
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Shelfmark: E.K./Staat/683

Soyaltin, Digdem
Europeanisation, good governance and corruption in the public sector : the case of Turkey
London ; Routledge, 2017
Shelfmark: TR/Staat/020

Inequality, mobility, social stratification

Boatcă, Manuela
Global inequalities in world-systems perspective : theoretical debates and methodological innovations
New York ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Shelfmark: ALLG/Unglei/184

Davis, Shannon N.
Gender in the twenty-first century : the stalled revolution and the road to equality
Oakland, California : University of California Press, 2017
Shelfmark: USA/Unglei/091

Gans, Herbert J.
Sociology and social policy : essays on community, economy, and society
New York : Columbia University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: USA/Unglei/090

Jodhka, Surinder S.
Inequality in capitalist societies
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Shelfmark: E.K./Unglei/180

Trade unions, employers' organisations, associations at EU level

Mahmood, Zaad
Globalization and labour reforms : the politics of interest groups and partisan governments
New Dehli : Oxford University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: ASI/Verbän/004

Economic structure and -growth, entrepreneurs, internal market

Baruphakēs, Giannēs
Die ganze Geschichte : meine Auseinandersetzung mit Europas Establishment
München : Verlag Antje Kunstmann, 2017
Shelfmark: GR/Wirt/023