A Comparative Analysis of Transitions from Education to Work in Europe (CATEWE)

Research question/goal: 

CATEWE aims at analysing the transition from education to work in a comparative European perspective. This entails developing a more satisfactory framework for understanding transitions in different European systems and to use this framework to analyse the factors affecting success and failure in education/training outcomes and labour market integration. A major focus of the project will be the institutional embeddedness of these transition processes, thus enhancing comparative knowledge on the operation of different linkages between the education and training system and the labour market. The research will have a dynamic perspective, analysing changes in transition processes over time and their relationship to changes in institutional and labour market conditions.

Fact sheet

1997 to 2001
Data Sources: 
Secondary analyses of national School Leaver Surveys, as wel
Geographic Space: 
European Union



Müller, Walter, and Markus Gangl (Eds.) (2003): Transitions from Education to Work in Europe: the Integration of Youth into EU Labour Markets. Oxford: Oxford University Press. more