Euromanifestos: Consolidating the Data-Base 1979-2009 and Preparing the 2014 Study

Research question/goal: 

The Euromanifestos project has been a constituent part of the series of European Election Studies (EES). Within this broader context, the Euromanifestos project analyses the issues that political parties emphasise in European Parliament elections. In the past, some 600 documents have been collected from relevant parties participating in European Parliament elections from 1979 on, in all of the now 27 EU member countries. These documents have been stored in different electronic formats (.pdf and .txt). Moreover, they have been subjected to a quantitative content analysis which focuses on the issue salience of parties (i.e. which issues they talk about most) and the governmental frame in which these issues are presented (national, European, or unspecific). It is the purpose of this project to consolidate the existing data base (e.g. by integrating the 2009 data in the longitudinal database) and to continue this data collection and analysis in view of the 2014 European Parliament election.

Current stage: 

The cumulative file of Euromanifesto codings spanning 30 years of European Parliament elections history is finished and will be publicly available at the time of the next election in 2014. A project proposal for a 2014 wave of the study has been pre­pared (with Daniela Braun, GSI Munich) and submitted at Fritz Thyssen Foundation. Local coders in 28 EU member countries are currently being recruited/re-contacted. If funded, the study is ready to start the coding of the 2014 documents (adding about 200 additional party programmes to the data base).

Fact sheet

Foundations VW, San Paolo, Riksbanken, Mercator, Gulbenkian
2011 to 2015
Data Sources: 
Content analyses of political texts
Geographic Space: 
European Union