Issue Salience and Legislative Responsiveness

Research question/goal: 

The project aims to apply automatic face detection and face recognition to analyze parliamentary video recordings. This allows generating a proposal-specific measure of the parliamentary attendance of legislators, where attendance indicates the level of salience attributed to individual issues by political actors. The proposal-specific salience measure is used to investigate the degree to which salience perceptions influences bargaining interactions at the parliamentary stage and, hence, the substance of reform proposals. For the empirical application, we study the Landtag Baden-Württemberg in three legislative periods, from 2006 onwards.

Current stage: 

We revised the grant proposal and developed a new funding strategy, which we are going to implement in 2017.

Fact sheet

2014 to 2017
in preparation
Data Sources: 
Video footage of parliamentary debates
Geographic Space: 
Germany, Baden-Württemberg