New Arenas for Youth Engagement in Politics (NAYEP)

Research question/goal: 

This project investigates young people’s shifting conceptions of citizenship and changing political engagement patterns. It places emphasis on how the use of digital media strengthens traditional and non-traditional forms of political participation and creates new venues and opportunities for young people’s engagement and interaction with diverse policy actors and institutions. NAYEP studies both the demand (young citizens) and supply (political institutions and organisations) side through a mixed methods approach that includes comparative surveys, focus groups, experiments and analysis of “Big” social media data. It provides insights into how young citizens understand, conceptualise and engage into politics, and how various political actors can play an active role in engaging young people in politics in general, and the European project in particular.

Fact sheet

2014 to 2015
Data Sources: 
survey data, secondary data, experimental data, social media data, interviews
Geographic Space: