Peace and Conflict Escalation: Dynamics of Peace and Armed Conflict

Research question/goal: 

The objective of this project is to uncover and explain the escalation and non-escalation of political armed conflict. Conflict studies to date focus overwhelmingly on the onset of civil war, its duration, intensity, termination and post-war transitions. Although the escalation of conflict has received substantial attention with respect to inter-state war, we have almost no understanding of the dynamics that drive or inhibit intra-state armed conflict. This project addresses the following questions: (1) What dynamics characterize and facilitate the escalation and non-escalation of intra-state violent conflict? (2) How do different types of peace influence the risk and nature of conflict escalation? To analyse these questions, this project will evaluate the interaction between political institutions, government and opposition forces. Quantitative and qualitative analyses will be carried out on a global, regional and national level, with particular focus on European cases of non-/escalation of conflict.

Fact sheet

University of Mannheim, MZES
2011 to 2014
Data Sources: 
various quantitative and qualitative sources
Geographic Space: 
global, with particular focus on European countries