Preschool Education and Educational Careers among Migrant Children

Research question/goal: 

Results from the first stage of the project could show that ethnic educational inequality starts early in life and children of immigrants start their school career with clear disadvantages in some domains (esp. language). The current project stage analyses the long-term consequences of these early disadvantages for children of Turkish origin. A main research question is whether early ethnic skill differences (especially in the language domain) influence the transition after primary school or whether primary schools are able to compensate for these differences. Long-term consequences of preschool education (in combination with primary school effects) will also be analyzed.

Current stage: 

In September 2013, the interviews with families of third-graders were finished. A parent was interviewed face-to-face at home (CAPI); subsequently the standardized developmental test K-ABC and the school achievement tests DEMAT 3+ and WLLP were conducted with the target child. Additionally, families with children in fourth grade were interviewed via telephone (CATI). These families comprise about half of the sample. Simultaneously, all primary schools visited by children of our study are interviewed via postal and telephone survey. At the moment next years’ telephone survey with families of the remaining fourth-graders is under preparation. The survey will start in March 2014.

Fact sheet

2006 to 2016
Data Sources: 
Primary data collection
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