Social Atlas of the European Regions

Research question/goal: 

The project has 4 major goals: (1) Development of a statistically feasible system of social indicators at the sub-national level for all West European countries and Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia; (2) Establishment of infrastructural tools for thematic mapping (establishment of a set of integrated digital European maps for about 350 regions covering the period 1980 to 1990); (3) Development of a database on social structures and living conditions in European regions; (4) Publication of an atlas, describing and analysing disparities in living conditions and spatial patterns below the level of the nation state. Empirically, the project starts with the integration of already available statistical databases on European Regions and extends these databases to cover data from the population censuses of the 1980 and 1990 census rounds. After completion, databases and digital map collections will become part of the Eurodata Archive at the MZES and will continuously be updated.

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DFG, Eurodata
1990 to 1994
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