The Domestic Foundation of Governmental Preferences Over European Politics

Research question/goal: 

This project analyzes the legislative, transposition and enforcement preferences of the governments in EU decision-making. It investigates the formation and change of these preferences within their domestic contexts over these decision-making stages, in particular in how far governments respond strategically to competing domestic interests of party competition. Empirically, it will unfold the latent conflict space of government preferences by estimating content-specific policy positions. This will allow testing theoretical expectations on the strategic behavior of governments with a rich data collection on legislative, transposition and enforcement activities.

Fact sheet

DFG, SFB 884
2010 to 2022



Finke, Daniel, Thomas König, Sven-Oliver Proksch and George Tsebelis (2012): Reforming the European Union: Realizing the Impossible. New Jersey: Princeton University Press. more