The EU and the Promotion of Human Rights

Research question/goal: 

This project will address two related questions: First, what structural factors and behaviors affect the protection and violation of human rights? Second, what strategies and tools can the EU utilise to successfully promote the protection of human rights within and outside its own borders? This proposal is a direct response to the call FP7-SSH-2012-1, Activity 8.4 'Europe in the World', Area 8.4.2 'Conflicts, peace and human rights', SSH.2012.4.2-1. 'Human rights in the EU external relations and internal policies'. In response to this call, the project will provide a systematic and comparative analysis of how political, economic, legal and social factors contribute to, or hinder, the protection of human rights within and outside Europe. Particular attention will be paid to the nature and impact of accountability on human rights. The consortium will theoretically and empirically investigate, how different forms of accountability can strengthen the protection of different types of human rights, and how EU institutions can facilitate this process.

Fact sheet

University of Mannheim, MZES
2011 to 2014
Data Sources: 
various quantitative and qualitative sources
Geographic Space: 
the European Union and beyond EU borders