The 'Second National Rebirth'. Nationalism, National Movements, and the Formation of Nation-States in late Communist and Post-communist Society

Research question/goal: 

This project, at once publication and conference, proposes linking 12 articles from notable scholars on the general current state of international nationalism research with 39 case studies of nationalism in all former and current Eastern European states, as well as of some select sub-nationalisms. The starting point is a determination of the nationally-constitutive characteristics that exist in the ethnonationalist imagination. Then the relations of state nationalism to ethnonationalism will be investigated with respect to democratic or authoritarian or dictatorial tendencies, as well as peaceful rather than belligerent tendencies. In addition, the connection between the mode in which nationality conflicts are carried out and the programmatic concepts of political order held by nationalist movements will be investigated, together with their social support they receive in late communist and post communist societies.

Fact sheet

MZES, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
1996 to 1998