Trade Unions of Europe: Organizations, Archives, Research Institutes. A Guidebook for the Social Sciences

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The goals of this QUIA-project are: Firstly, to provide basic information (address, organizational structure, membership, congress dates, affiliations, etc.) on the most important trade union organizations in Europe; secondly, to list their archival and printed sources (statutes, activity reports, congress minutes, etc.) as well as their regular publications; thirdly, to present archives, documentation centres, specialized libraries and research institutes dealing with the field of research "Trade Unions/Industrial Relations in Europe", and fourthly, to list relevant literature (archive guidebooks, inventories, bibliographies and standard literature). An effort will be made to provide a representative sample, which will include the ETUC and the European Industry Committees, and will focus on the National Union Confederations in Western and Central Europe, but also take into consideration certain influential national unions in important branches.

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MZES /Hans-Böckler-Stiftung
1998 to 2000
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