Transnational Perspectives on Migration and Integration (MZES Part TRANSMIT)

Research question/goal: 

The project “Transnational Perspectives on Migration and Integration” (TRANSMIT), within the framework of the DeZIM-FG, attempts to build a long-term oriented and integrated data infrastructure on migration that collects and systematically links quantitative and qualitative data in origin-, transit-, and destination countries. Existing data such as the IAB-BAMF-SOEP survey of refugees in Germany will also be used to inform and test hypotheses, and to ensure the comparability of relevant indicators. The data is collected both among (potential) migrants and host communities in countries of origin and transit as well as in Germany and enables comprehensive cross-sectional and panel analyses regarding migration and integration processes. Empirical analyses will be possible at the level of individuals, families, households, regions, and different stakeholder groups. At the same time, the systematic transnational link of data will enable finding commonalities and differences across migrant groups within Germany and beyond its national borders.

Current stage: 

In 2021, two waves of surveys were conducted in Lebanon and a first survey in Turkey—both among the local population and Syrian migrants. Further survey waves are being planned. In addition, a so-called "forward-sampling" survey has been carried out among Syrians as a methodological test. The data sets have already been processed, and initial analyses are being carried out. The surveys will be continued (longitudinally) in Lebanon and Turkey.

Fact sheet

2020 to 2024
Data Sources: 
Primary data collection, secondary data analysis (IAB-BAMF-SOEP)
Geographic Space: 
Lebanon, Turkey, Germany