Journal articles in press (ordered by input date)

(In many cases published online before print. Klick » more for details.)

Navarrete, Rosa M. (In Press): Go the distance: left-right orientations, partisanship and the vote. European Politics and Society, (publ. online before print). more
Matthieß, Theres (In Press): Retrospective pledge voting: A comparative study of the electoral consequences of government parties’ pledge fulfilment. European Journal of Political Research, (publ. online before print). more
Zeng, Jing, Chung-hong Chan and Mike S. Schäfer (In Press): Contested Chinese Dreams of AI? Public discourse about Artificial intelligence on WeChat and People’s Daily Online. Information, Communication & Society, (publ. online before print). more
Ebert, Tobias, Friedrich Götz, Joe Gladstone, Sandrine Müller and Sandra Matz (In Press): Spending reflects not only who we are but also who we are around: The joint effects of individual and geographic personality on consumption. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. more
Bücker, Susanne, Tobias Ebert, Friedrich Götz, Theresa Entringer and Maike Luhmann (In Press): In a Lonely Place: Investigating Regional Differences in Loneliness. Social Psychological and Personality Science, (publ. online before print). more
Höhne, Jan Karem, Timo Lenzner, Cornelia Neuert and Ting Yan (In Press): Re-Examining the Middle Means Typical and the Left and Top Means First Heuristics using Eye-Tracking Methodology. Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, (publ. online before print). more
Krebs, Dagmar, and Jan Karem Höhne (In Press): Exploring Scale Direction Effects and Response Behavior Across Pc and Smartphone Surveys. Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, (publ. online before print). more
Höhne, Jan Karem, Dagmar Krebs and Steffen-M. Kühnel (In Press): Measuring Income (In)equality: Comparing Survey Questions With Unipolar and Bipolar Scales in a Probability-Based Online Panel. Social Science Computer Review, (publ. online before print). more
van Atteveldt, Wouter, Scott Althaus and Hartmut Wessler (In Press): The trouble with sharing your privates. Pursuing ethical open science and collaborative research across national jurisdictions using sensitive data. Political Communication, (publ. online before print). more
Yordanova, Nikoleta, Mariyana Angelova, Roni Lehrer, Moritz Osnabrügge and Sander Renes (In Press): Swaying citizen support for EU membership: Evidence from a survey experiment of German voters. European Union Politics, (publ. online before print). more