Journal articles in press (ordered by input date)

(In many cases published online before print. Klick » more for details.)

Mader, Matthias, Nils D. Steiner and Harald Schoen (In Press): The globalisation divide in the public mind: belief systems on globalisation and their electoral consequences. Journal of European Public Policy, (publ. online before print). more
Kohler, Beate, and David Friedrich (In Press): Business Interest in the EU: Integration without Supranationalism?. Journal of Common Market Studies, (publ. online before print). more
Dollmann, Jörg, and Markus Weißmann (In Press): The Story after Immigrants’ Ambitious Educational Choices: Real Improvement or Back to Square One?. European Sociological Review, (publ. online before print). more
Emmer, Christine, Michael Bosnjak and Jutta Mata (In Press): The association between weight stigma and mental health: a meta-analysis. Obesity Reviews, (publ. online before print). more
Cornesse, Carina, Annelies G. Blom, David Dutwin, Jon A. Krosnick, Edith de Leeuw, Stéphane Legleye, Andrew W. Mercer, Josh Pasek, Darren Pennay, Benjamin Philips, Joseph W. Sakshaug, Bella Struminskaya and Alexander Wenz (In Press): Integrating Probability and Nonprobability Samples for Survey Inference. Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology. more
Felderer, Barbara, and Annelies G. Blom (In Press): Acceptance of the Automated Online Collection of Geographical Information. Sociological Methods and Research. more
Ellerbrock, Simon (In Press): Book Review: Populism, nativism, and economic uncertainty. playing the blame game in the 2017 British, French, and German Elections. Democratization, (publ. online before print). more
Naumann, Elias, Wouter de Tavernier, Laura Naegele and Moritz Hess (In Press): Public support for sanctioning older unemployed – a survey experiment in 21 European countries. European Societies, (publ. online before print). more
Bäck, Hanna, and Marc Debus (In Press): Personalized versus partisan representation in the speeches of migrant Members of Parliament in the German Bundestag. Ethnic and Racial Studies . more
Lindstam, Emmy, Matthias Mader and Harald Schoen (In Press): Conceptions of National Identity and Ambivalence towards Immigration. British Journal of Political Science, (publ. online before print). more