Jutta Mata, Eva Baumann
The dose makes the poison: Theoretical considerations and challenges of health-related POPC

Pp. 254–263 in: Peter Vorderer, Dorothée Hefner, Leonard Reinecke, Christoph Klimmt (Eds.): Permanently Online, Permanently Connected: Living and Communicating in a POPC World. 2017. London: Routledge

Health behavior change and maintenance are among the major challenges of this century. Mobile online health technology provides popular, accessible, and individually customizable health coaching for everyone, particularly for persons with high technology acceptance and health motivation. POPC could promote long-term health behavior change by making the following evidence-based strategies more effective: duration of using an mHealth tool; real-time monitoring of activities and the interactive character facilitating immediate feedback or reinforcement; and connectedness to other users for social support or comparison. We propose an inverted U-shaped relation between the effects of POPC behavior for health-promoting purposes and health and well-being.