Sarah Carol, Céline Teney
Attitudes towards intergroup dating among Brussels adolescents: The interaction of gender and ethnicity and its determinants

European Societies, 2015: 17, issue 2, pp. 132-157
ISSN: 1461-6696 (print); 1469-8307 (online)

Attitudes towards intergroup dating and their determinants are important to comprehend group boundaries of multicultural societies. Our contribution investigates gender and ethnic differences in intergroup dating approval among 18 year olds from 11 ethnic groups in Belgium. We observe ethnic differences in the level of approval of intergroup dating. However, these ethnic disparities are largely explained by the degree of sexual liberalization, parental control and religiosity. Moreover, the associations of parental control, sexual liberalization and religiosity with attitudes towards intergroup dating differ for girls and boys. We conclude by highlighting the relevance of the interaction of gender and ethnic origin in shaping attitudes towards intergroup dating.