Andreas M. Wüst
Immigration into Politics: Immigrant-origin Candidates and Their Success in the 2013 Bundestag Election

German Politics and Society, 2014: 32, issue 3, pp. 1-15
ISSN: 1045-0300 (print); 1558-5441 (online)

This article is about immigrant-origin politicians running for a Bundestag mandate in the 2013 election. Patterns of candidacy, electoral success and failure of the respective candidates and parliamentarians are systematically analyzed. The main finding is that politicians of immigrant origin are serious contenders for seats in the Bundestag, and political parties seem to have quite some interest in their election. It is increasingly the second immigrant generation that is involved politically, and, as the career patterns indicate, it is likely that many of them are going to stay longer in politics. Consequently, a closer look at immigrant-origin candidates and parliamentarians is of merit for both the study of parliamentary representation and of the political integration of immigrants and their descendants