Felix Henninger, Alexander Hart
Open toolmakers’ birds of a feather session

Annual Meeting of the Society of Improving Psychological Science, (virtual conference), June 22nd to June 23rd, 2020

The tools we rely on as scientists shape the way we work by determining what is easy, and what is possible at all. Therefore, tools and infrastructure can pave the way for new approaches to research and drive the adoption of open science practices. Open software for data collection, analysis, and archival, for example, has revolutionised our ability to collaborate, to validate and extend each others’ work. Indeed, fully transparent and reproducible research requires a foundation that is open for sharing, re-use, inspection and adaptation. The purpose of this session is to bring together everyone who is active or interested in toolmaking to start building a community of practice, to exchange knowledge and to collect resources for building, maintaining and spreading sustainable, open scientific tools and infrastructure.