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Lukas F. Stötzer, Marcel Neunhoeffer, Thomas Gschwend, Simon Munzert, Sebastian Sternberg
Forecasting Elections in Multiparty Systems: A Bayesian Approach Combining Polls and Fundamentals
S. 255-262
Lukas F. Stötzer, Indridi Indridason, Thomas Gschwend
Pre-Electoral Coalition Strategies in Multiparty Systems
Frankfurt am Main
Thomas Gschwend, Michael F. Meffert, Lukas F. Stötzer
Weighting Parties and Coalitions: How Coalition Signals Influence Voting Behavior
S. 642-655
Thomas Gschwend, Lukas F. Stötzer, Steffen Zittlau
What drives rental votes? How coalitions signals facilitate strategic coalition voting
S. 293-306