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Hammerschmidt, Dennis, and Cosima Meyer (2021): Money Makes the World Go Frowned. Analyzing the Impact of Chinese Foreign Aid on States’ Sentiment Using Natural Language Processing. Pp. 241-263 in: Johannes Klenk, Franziska Waschek (Eds.) Chinas Rolle in einer neuen Weltordnung. Wissenschaft, Handel und internationale Beziehungen. Baden-Baden: Tectum. more
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Jurado, Ignacio, and Rosa M. Navarrete (2021): The Europeanization of national elections. The role of country characteristics in shaping EU issue voting. Electoral Studies, 71, issue June 2021, (article no. 102286). more
Keusch, Florian, Bella Struminskaya, Frauke Kreuter and Martin Weichbold (2021): Combining Active and Passive Mobile Data Collection: A Survey of Concerns. Pp. 657-682 in: Craig Hill, Paul P. Biemer, Trent Buskirk, Lilli Japec, Antje Kirchner, Stas Kolenikov, Lars E. Lyberg (Eds.) Big Data Meets Survey Science: A Collection of Innovative Methods. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. more
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Meyer, Cosima, and Dennis Hammerschmidt (2021): A Pledged Community? Using Community Detection to Analyze Autocratic Cooperation in UN Co-sponsorship Networks. Pp. 177-188 in: Rosa Benito, Chatal Cherifi, Hocine Cherifi, Esteban Moro, Luis Rocha, Marta Sales-Pardo (Eds.) Complex Networks & Their Applications IX: Volume 1, Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications COMPLEX NETWORKS 2020. Cham: Springer. more
Möhring, Katja (2021): The consequences of non‐standard working and marital biographies for old age income in Europe: Contrasting the individual and the household perspective. Social Policy and Administration, 55, issue 3, pp. 456-484. more