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Kalter, Frank (2016): The Structural, Social and Cultural Integration of Immigrant Children. [Alliance of Leading Universities on Migration (ALUM) Autumn Workshop, MZES, Mannheim, November 02nd to November 04th, 2016] more
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Kogan, Irena (2016): At school or at work? Comparing the role of vocational education and training in school-to-work transitions in German-speaking and Eastern European countries. [24th Annual Workshop of Transitions in Youth (TIY): Transition to Adulthood and Life Course Inequalities: Good Entry, Good Life?, University of Trento, Trento, September 07th to September 10th, 2016] more
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Kogan, Irena (2016): Integration policies and immigrants’ labor market outcomes in Europe. [Keynote speech/PhD Seminar at MIDA Closing Conference on Changes, Challenges and Advantages of Cross-border Labour Mobility within the EU, Aalborg University, Copenhagen, May 18th to May 20th, 2016] more