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Krewel, Mona, and Julia Partheymüller (2012): Rethinking the Level of Analysis – A Call for Shifting the Perspective of Campaign Effects Research to Multi-Level Analysis. [RC33 Eight International Conference on Social Science Methodology, University of Sydney, Sydney, July 09th to July 13th, 2012] more
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Kruse, Hanno (2012): Ethnic Boundaries, Neighborhoods and Friendship Tastes in Germany - How does Composition matter?. [ECSR/EQUALSOC Conference: Economic change, Quality of life and Social cohesion, Stockholm, September 24th to September 26th, 2012] more
König, Stefanie, and Dirk Hofäcker (2012): Flexibility vs. predictability: What role do personal preference and individual control play for work-to-family conflict in a globalized Europe?. [ESA RN 13. Interim Meeting “Families, care and work facing the challenges of a globalized world: policies, practices and services”, Catholic University of Milan, September 13th to September 15th, 2012] more